Scott Talks Straight Up Recruiting

Ridge View superstar Dorrel Scott has enjoyed his Shrine Bowl experience this week and found a new perspective on life. caught up with the prize recruit after practice, and we've got the scoop on when he plans to announce a leader.

DT Dorrel Scott
6-4, 315, 5.0
Ridge View High School
Columbia, South Carolina

How does it feel to play against the best players in North and South Carolina this week?
Dorrel Scott: It feels real good. It picks you up and makes you do your best.

How was the experience Sunday when you and your Shrine Bowl teammates visited the hospital?
Dorrel Scott: It really changed my whole perspective of this whole thing. We're doing it for the kids instead of just trying to get recognition. We're doing it to help them.

Are you ready to name a leader?
Dorrel Scott: I'm still holding out.

Are you still planning to stay in-state?
Dorrel Scott: Yeah, I'm probably going to stay in-state. I really don't see myself leaving the state.

When do you expect to have a leader?
Dorrel Scott: It will probably be sometime in January. Probably like the first week in January. After Christmas I'll have time to think about it. Probably in January.

Are any of the players trying to push you one way or another this week?
Dorrel Scott: James (Thompson) is. He's trying to push me towards South Carolina.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive tackle from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories