Vincent Trying to Work his Magic

The week of the Shrine Bowl always leads to some intriguing recruiting battles. Today, Clemson verbal commitment Courtney Vincent updated us on some of the guys he spoke with this week. Included in this report is the all important Matt Raysor and Cory Lambert!

The South Carolina Sandlappers lost to North Carolina today at Rock Hill's District Three Stadium in the 67th annual Shrine Bowl, but for the players on the team, the game culiminated a great week of football.

"It has been a great week, meeting all the guys from around the state and going to the hosipital, stuff like that. It couldn't have been any better," said Vincent.

"It would have been nice if we could have won the game, but them boys came to play today. I did all I could, we just couldn't get it going."

As reported earlier in the week, Vincent was working some of his teammates to try and get them to Clemson next year. In particular, he talked extensively with Cory Lambert and Matt Raysor.

Raysor, a current South Carolina verbal commitment, has been giving the Tigers serious consideration as of late, but Courtney says he's not sure how he feels just yet.

"I know at the beginning of the week, he was saying some good things (about Clemson), now I don't know. You just never know about Matt and what he'll decide to do."

"I've been working him though, I can tell you that," Vincent added with a big smile.

Vincent did say that Greenville's Cory Lambert is still looking like he'll wear orange next year and that he did his best in talking up the Tigers throughout the week with him as well.

We'll continue to keep you updated on Courtney Vincent, right up through signing day. And also, stayed tuned for interviews with Cory Lambert, Mike Hamilin, Dannell Ellerbe (who had a great game), and C.J. Barber all from Rock Hill's District III Stadium! Top Stories