News & Notes from Knoxville

With the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl now one week away, the Clemson Tigers and the Tennessee Volunteers are making their way to Atlanta today to begin final preparations for the big game. Here is the latest out of Tennessee's camp, including some intriguing comments by Vol DB Jabari Greer.

Greer Respecting Clemson
Clemson's offense rang up 63 points on a South Carolina defense that limited Tennessee to 23. If you're a Vol fan looking forward to the UT-Clemson Peach Bowl matchup, that should get your attention. It certainly got Jabari Greer's.

"They have good guys and a scheme that can get guys open," the Vols' senior cornerback said. "I'm really impressed with their scheme and the way they run their plays."

Told that Vol defensive coordinator John Chavis has compared Tiger wideouts to Florida's receivers of the early 1990s, Greer smiled.

"They've got some guys who can really break out and make things happen," he said. "I wasn't a Florida fan in the early '90s but if you're talking about Jacquez Green/Reidel Anthony type guys, yeah, I think they have that type of talent and intensity.

"And the quarterback (Charlie Whitehurst) is good. He can beat you with the pass, as well as the run. I'd compare him to a guy like Matt Jones of Arkansas. He can make things happen."

Clemson may be the hottest team in college football, having beaten Florida State (26-10), Duke (407) and South Carolina (63-17) in its last three games.

"They're a hot team right now," Greer conceded, "and they're going to be ready to play us."

The question is: Will the Vol defense be ready for them? Probably so. Greer says the prospect of facing Clemson's star-studded receiving corps provides added incentive for Tennessee's secondary.

"Clemson has great receivers, and I think we have a good secondary that's going to challenge them," he said. "It's going to be a great game."

Clemson Defense Looks Familiar
On film, the Clemson defense Tennessee offensive coordinator Randy Sanders is preparing to face in the Peach Bowl looks pretty familiar. That's understandable. It resembles the one he sees each day on the practice field.

"They remind you a lot of our defense," Sanders said. "The scheme is different but how multiple they are, how hard they play and their athleticism is very similar to our guys." Like the Vols, the Tigers' philosophy is stopping the run first and daring teams to throw the ball over the top of them.

"They have a good defense, the best we've played in several weeks," Sanders said. "They will definitely load up to stop the run and make you throw it, which plays into their hand because the secondary is probably the strength of their defense. They shutdown Duke (in a 40-7 win), shutdown South Carolina (in a 63-17 win), gave up 11 rushing yards to Florida State (in a 26-10 win)."

"The only team that had a lot of success as far as yards was North Carolina, and that was a game Clemson won (36-28)," Sanders noted. "Wake Forest hit them for a bunch of big runs (in a 45-17 romp) but I'm sure that's a game Clemson would like to forget."

And, no doubt, that's a game the Vols would like to make Clemson remember.

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