Tigers Sluggish Monday Afternoon

The Clemson Tigers returned to the practice fields at Georgia Tech Monday morning in Atlanta to continue preparations for Friday's Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. "We didn't look real good today offensively," said Tommy Bowden after practice.

The team took to the field around 10:30 this morning and practiced for a little over two hours in chilly conditions.

Apparently, the weather wasn't the only thing that was cold.

"We didn't look real good today offensively," said Bowden after practice. "We've practice just about 12 times for the same team. You'd like to keep them high energy and focused for 12 straight, but you know going in that's probably not realistic."

"We've more or less prepared for 3 games. It's tough to go out 12 times to prepare for the same team."

Derrick Hamilton, in particular seemed to struggle today.

"He had a lot of dropped balls, stuff like that. This is a game that your going to have to throw and catch, and we just didn't do a good job of doing that today," added Bowden.

Florida State Comparisons Continue
Bowden reminded the media again that Tennessee reminds him a lot of Florida State, especially from a physical standpoint.

"Physically, Florida State would be the closest team They've got Parade All-Americans all over the place," said Bowden.

"Young, the guy that committed to us, and then changed his mind and went Tennessee, I think that would have been our first Parade All-American in 15 years. Where as they'll have 5 or 6 a year. Where we haven't signed one in 15 years, they'll have 20-25 out there on the field, which is very similar to Florida State."

"That's a different caliber to what we're used to playing. Maryland won't do that, N.C. State won't do that, Duke, and Wake Forest. From that reguard we won't have seen anybody like that from a talent standpoing."

Flu Bug Update
The flu bug seems to be somewhat under control as only Ben Hall and Curtis Baham have missed practice this week due to illness. "He's (Ben Hall) the only one we've had out for a practice, and also Curtis Baham missed the day before yesterday." said Bowden.

Travis Pugh, who also had flu like symptoms this weekend, practiced at full speed today.

In addition, Bowden said that TE Bobby Williamson is also back at full strength after injurying his knee during the South Carolina. "He was well the very first day we came back at Clemson, so he's had no ill effects from the injury."

No Distractions so Far
There have been no reports of players missing curfews or getting out of line so far in Atlanta, but Bowden remains well aware that the city can offer a plethora of distractions.

"Oh it can be a distraction," said Bowden. "As I told the team before practice, if the objective is to have a good time and the game is secondary, then we're in trouble. Everything indicates by their statements this year that the game is primary and having fun is secondary. If that was reversed, then we'd get killed."

The Next 24 hours
Some of the players from both Tennessee and Clemson will visit children at the Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta this afternoon before settling in for the "Delta Comedy Kickoff Party" tonight at their team hotel. The Tigers' next practice will be tomorrow morning for the first time at the Georgia Dome at 11 o'clock.

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