Future Tiger QB Makes GA North-South Game

Clemson verbal commtiment QB Cullen Harper missed almost the entire season this year, but he is getting a shot to play for his team and his state this week. He is a bit rusty, but if I didn't know that he has missed the whole season, I wouldn't know by watching him.

The North/South All-Star game (Georgia) will be held in Columbus' Memorial Stadium tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Meet the team that will represent the North squad, including Clemson verbal commitment QB Cullen Harper.

Meet the South

#11 Calvin Booker, Mays
The biggest, and strongest of all of the quarterbacks at the All-Star game, Booker has looked very good in drills this weekend. Each of the three QB's can stretch the field vertically, and Booker likes looking deep. Booker is committed to Auburn.

#10 Alex Mortensen, Landmark Christian
Still the most polished of the three quarterbacks, Mortensen has had a good weekend of practice. He shows a willingness to adapt his style to the way the coaching staff wants him to play. Mortensen is committed to Arkansas.

#4 Cullen Harper, Sequoyah
Harper missed almost the entire season this year, but he is getting a shot to play for his team and his state this week. He is a bit rusty, but if I didn't know that he has missed the whole season, I wouldn't know by watching him. He threw the intermediate routed very well. Harper is committed to Clemson.

#86 Kyle Cutsail, Dacula
Definitely a player to keep an eye on tomorrow. Cutsail is a big tight end with soft hands, and he could play a big role in tomorrow's game.

#34 Brad Lester, Parkview
Still feeling the effects of a brutal playoff run, Lester was going full speed, but mentioned he still was feeling a bit sore from his two sprained ankles from the playoffs. It doesn't look like that will slow him down tomorrow though. Lester is committed to Auburn.

#47 Astin Foster, Cherokee
A true bowling ball of a running back, Foster is quick to the hole and impossible to knock off his feet. he is compact and strong, and he is difficult to wrap up.

#22 RB Antonio Lamar, Brookwood
The thunder in Brookwood's thunder and lightning tandem, Lamar is a big, brutish back that will likely carry the ball as well as block from his fullback spot.

#37 RB Brannan Southerland, Greater Atlanta Christian
One of the best linebacker and fullbacks in the country, Southerland will be suiting up at fullback for the North squad. He has quick feet as well as brute strength. Southerland is committed to Georgia.

#5 C.J. Barrows, McEachern
A smooth running back with a long stride. Barrows excels at making people miss in traffic. He is the tallest of the running backs.

#71 OL Matt Rumsey, Marist
The North offensive line is deep and talented. There are several interchangeable parts with so many players that have quick feet and are very strong. Rumsey is one of these guys. He will play guard tomorrow. Rumsey is committed to Duke.

#55 David Menocal, Gainesville
Menocal is another player that can play either center or guard, and he likely will play some of both positions tomorrow.

#54 OL Micah Lively, Trion
A key cog in Trion's Dome run this year, Lively is a good interior lineman that is going to see a lot of minutes on Tuesday.

#67 Courtney Abbott, Westlake
Still the most physically opposing player on the field at 6-8 and 330 pounds, Abbott is looking forward to tomorrow. He has been talking of proving himself against the best, and some of the best man the South's Defensive Line. Abbott is committed to Florida State.

#70 John Hafferty, Chattahoochee
The North's offensive line is loaded this season, and Hafferty is a big reason why. He is big, he is quick, and he plays hard. A guard like Hafferty will allow the North squad to get a little creative with their run blocking assignments. Hafferty is committed to Kansas State.

#57 Cameron May, Dalton
Another quick, mobile offensive lineman for the North team, Mayo could see time at any of the three offensive line positions. May is committed to Auburn.

#75 Hamilton Holliday, Walton
It's tough to pick out who the best offensive lineman is for the North with so many good ones, but finding the one that made the defensive line the maddest is easy. Holliday must have been doing something right, because he had the defensive line barking at him for most of the live drills. Holliday is committed to Vanderbilt.

#77 OL Rudi Oliverira, Roswell
Oliverira will play center for the North team. He is not quite as big as some of his counterparts, but he is still quick and strong.

#21 WR Greg Sudderth, Parkview
The biggest of the receivers for the North, Sudderth made a nice catch in traffic, after which the North quarterback said, "I'm not used to being able to throw to receivers with this kind of athletic ability!" Sudderth is committed to Navy.

#3 WR Inquorous Johnson, Crim
Quiet in drills and waiting his turn, Johnson makes noise on the field. Johnson had two of the best catches on yesterday morning's practice including a deep corner and an out route. He could also factor into the return game.

#8 WR Corey Thompson, Douglass
Thompson has looked the best of the receivers in drills and route running. He has tremendous deep speed and likes going to get the ball. Had a beautiful catch on an underthrown ball between the corner and the safety yesterday morning.

#88 WR Ryan Wood, Buford
Wood was a late addition to the roster, and he showed early that he belonged catching a long post route in Saturday's afternoon practice.

#23 WR Chris Covington, Brookwood
The lightning in Brookwood's thunder and lightning, Covington could play several positions tomorrow including running back, corner, and receiver. He could also factor into the return game.

#48 LB Josh Johnson
The North has a fierce set of linebackers, and Josh Johnson is a big reason why. He has been manning one of the outside linebacker spots, and he is going to be tough to get off the field tomorrow.

#95 LB Jae Thaxton, Hart County
Another one of the most impressive players on either side of the ball is Thaxton. He is playing outside linebacker and defensive end because of a shortage of defensive linemen on the North Squad.

#89 LB Travis Chambers, Chamblee
Chambers is a rock in the middle. He had a pretty interception and return in live drills yesterday morning. Chambers is committed to Georgia Tech.

#9 LB Demetrice Alexander, Parkview
A solid inside linebacker that can be heard barking signals all across the field. Alexander has a great nose for the ball.

#32 LB Leland Jones, Douglass
Probably the most animated of the North's talented group of linebackers; the defense will never be flat as long as Jones is on the field.

#13 LB Kale Staunch, Centennial
Not the flashiest, just one of the most solid. Makes nice reads and is a sure tackler. Quick off the ball and is very good at getting into the backfield.

#24 DB Demario Kelly, Norcross
Will likely play a little bit of safety and nickel back tomorrow.

DB #40 Jason Venson, Marietta
Showed a great knack for making the play in passing drills. Could have had several interceptions. Big hitter with good speed. Could be one of the return men tomorrow.

#1 Tristan Davis, Tri-Cities
Will play corner tomorrow, and looked very good in passing drills yesterday. Very physical and breaks on the ball carrier well. Good in run support.

#6 CB Tremain Jefferson, McNair
Will line up opposite Davis at the other corner spot. Made several nice plays yesterday, and he was especially strong in press coverage.

#87 DB Everett Kitchens, McEachern
He may be in a receivers number, but he will be playing safety tomorrow.

#78 DL Brian Rodriquiz, St. Pius X
A defensive tackle with a full speed motor. An emotional player that is a blue collar type that coaches love on the defensive line.

#50 DL Frank Morton, Southwest Dekalb
Morton made a living in opponents' backfields this year, and it didn't stop this weekend. One coach remarked after another play that Morton made, "Why don't we make him quarterback? He's spending more time in the backfield than anyone on our side."

#66 DL Neil Brown, Buford
Played defensive tackle for Buford, but will be moved out to defensive end tomorrow. Excellent quickness, and another player with a non-stop motor.

#90 DL Chris Jackson, Cedar Grove
Certainly looks the part, but he sat out the first two days of practice with an injury.

#45 DL Austin Guarino, Cherokee
Makes plays all over the field. A tremendously quick and hardworking player. Will also see some time at tight end in two tight end sets by the North.

#12 PK/P Will Williams, Gainesville
Another punter/kicker with a huge leg. Kickoffs could be extremely boring with the silly no return rule if the ball goes into the endzone. Williams like his counterpart Bolen is capable of putting the ball through the endzone on every kick.

Players that were originally on the roster but unable to attend:

D.T. McDowell, Tucker
Sean McVay, Marist
Darius Walker, Buford
Michael Grant, Stephenson
Bryant Anderson, Centennial
Michael Brown, Westlake
Brandon Lang, Tucker

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