Roman Fry Update

We've got the latest on Roman Fry and his past 3 visits, which include a couple of trips to Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Virginia Tech. The question is, are the Tigers still number one with this outstanding offensive line prospect? We've got the answer for you right here.

The Ironton Fighting Tigers are 9-0 and ranked #1 in the state AP Poll and Roman has been a big reason for their success this year, as he has continued to dominate both sides of the line of scrimmage.

Since Roman Fry's visit to Clemson back in late September, he has attended three other games: West Virginia-Virginia Tech, Ohio State-Wisconsin, and Ohio State-San Diego State. The good news is that he has yet to see anything to compare to Clemson's "total package".

Roman has been visiting Ohio State a good bit, but he goes there primarily to see his friend and former Ironton teammate, LB Redgie Arden. As of right now, he has little or no interest in attending school in Columbus.

He currently has 10 offers on the table, and that number figures to increase as he continues to impress recruiters from all over the nation. The Tigers are still his favorite though.

"After attending a game in Death Valley, nothing else has compared," says Roman's father Ed Fry.

Coach Lutz has played him at TE, G, T on offense (all in the same game) the last several games and DE on defense. Because of his speed and agility, he sometimes even drops in pass coverage.

He will start out at TE wearing #84 (he used to wear #75) and when they want him at G or T, a pullover jersey #69 is sent into the huddle and he will emerge either at RT, RG, LG, or LT, depending upon the play.

As you can see, his team is taking full advantage of his talents. Hopefully the same thing will be said of Clemson this time next year. In several conversations with his father, and it really sounds like Roman wants to be a Clemson Tiger, and quite frankly, I would be surprised if went anywhere else.

We'll continue to update you on Roman Fry as the season continues. Top Stories