Brad Scott Talks Peach Bowl

We've had a very productive bowl preparation this year compared to last," said offensive coordinator Brad Scott. "We only had a few pratices at home, and about 6 on the road last year. That's not the best place to do the meat of your preparations on the bowl site because of all the distractions that are taking place."

Clemson offensive coordinator Brad Scott met with the media Wednesday morning in the Georgia Dome to talk about Friday's Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. Here were some of the things that were discussed during the press conference:

Opening Statements
Certainly, our football team, our coaching staff, is excited to be here and we've had a great time. The bowl game has always done a tremendous job. The hospitality has been tremendous. We've tried to work in a football practices to have a meaningful effort as well. I think our football team prepared very well before arriving to Atlanta. We had some good practices there (at Clemson). We had some full pads and a lot of full contact work. We've been working a little more polished here, although we dressed in full pads for our second practice and we've competed against our defense.

Yesterday and today of course will be predominantly polish work. We're just trying to put the final touches on it. I think our young men are excited to play Tennessee and they understand the challenge that lies before us, but at the same time, they understand that it's also a tremendous opportunity.

On how the Tigers prepared for this bowl game
I think this will be our 14th practice in preparation for Tennessee. In the regular season, that would be the same number of practices we would have for 3 ball games. I think that's why we look at it as a great opportunity from a coaching staff standpoint, because you get to do the bowl preparations at first at your own site, and that also gives us to an opportunity to work with our younger players.

We got the opportunity to game plan during our first 5 practices, but we also use it as a time to just get better at our skills and work a lot against each other. I know our first team offense and our first team defense right down the line predominantly during those first five practices.

We also got the chance to work with our freshmen, our redshirt freshman and with our third string players. So many times you hear coaches talking about the advantages of bowl games because it allows you an extra spring practice. It has allowed us sometime to do that. And I think that the fact that we started after practice five, that we started putting in most of our game plan for Tennessee, we tried to space it out a little bit so that we didn't force feed them with the game plan early. I think a lot of our players are now ready to play now, and we are at a point because everything has been geared towards Tennessee.

We've had a very productive bowl preparation this year compared to last. Because of our finals and that game being on the 22nd or the 23rd. We only had a few practices at home, and about 6 on the road. That's not the best place to do the meat of your preparations on the bowl site, on the road because of all the distractions that are taking place. It's been a really good pre-bowl set up for us. Tommy's done a good job laying this program out.

On comparing this Tennessee team to the teams he saw at South Carolina
It's a team that's solid on both sides of the football. The problem that used to catch us so much when we were playing them before was the depth. You'd play them pretty close the first half and keep the game tight, but they would always find a way to pull away in the second half.

We've played a lot of players this year and we certainly don't have the experienced players that we'd like to have this year, but we hope to have them next year. We've played a lot of young players. I know John (Lovett) substituted a lot of players this year, and we did the same sort of thing on the offensive line. Maybe depth will be a factor in this game too, but I hope we are a little more prepared for that.

This looks like the same Tennessee team to me. They are very patient on offense and they like to play the field position game and they don't give up big plays defensively. What I think they are trying to do is force you to make mistakes, capitalize on that and quick strike you on offense. They are very sound; you don't win 10 games and not be a good football team. They are very worthy of their ranking and their record. Top Stories