Donnell Washington Post Game Interview

Clemson DT Donnell Washington played another outstanding game as the Clemson Tigers upset Tennessee. Will the standout lineman return for another year with the Tigers? caught up with Washington after the Peach Bowl victory for a post game interview.

How did it feel to defeat a highly ranked Tennessee team tonight?
Washington: They came in here. They talked all that trash. The team came together as a whole. We just kept things amongst ourselves. They were trying to prove us wrong or something. People said we didn't have the same kind of athletes as them. We just came out to play. We took that very personal. We took it to them.

How did this team turn things around so dramatically after the loss to Wake Forest?
Washington: It was more from a motivational standpoint. After that loss our pride was hurt. There was no way we were going to let the season go up in smoke like that. We came back very motivated. Florida State came to town and the television was there because we were playing in the Bowden Bowl. We came out ready to play.

Are you coming back to play with the Clemson Tigers next year?
Washington: I don't know. I'll get back with ya'll later on with that answer. Top Stories