Kelly Impressed with Tiger Offense

Marietta native Aaron Kelly was in attendance to see one of his favorite schools defeat Tennessee in the Peach Bowl Friday night. The Georgia standout came away very impressed with the Tigers offense.

WR Aaron Kelly
6-4, 175, 4.55
Marietta High School
Marietta, Georgia

Were you able to attend the Peach Bowl on Friday?
Aaron Kelly: I went to the game with one of my teammates.

What are your thoughts on the Tigers victory over the Vols?
Aaron Kelly: It was a really good game. We could only stay for the first half but I thought the offense was very wide open. They passed the ball a lot.

What impressed you the most about the Peach Bowl?
Aaron Kelly: That was my 2nd time watching Clemson play. I saw them play Florida State. I wasn't sure if they always open things up like that with 3 or 4 receivers or if that was just for the Florida State gameplan. They played that way again in the Peach Bowl. It was exciting to see the offense they run.

Who is your leader as you prepare to take your Clemson visit?
Aaron Kelly: I'd probably have to say its between Clemson and Wake.

Are you taking your official visit to Clemson this weekend?
Aaron Kelly: Yes, I'm going to Clemson for my official visit this weekend.

What are you looking forward to about you official visit to Clemson?
Aaron Kelly: I'm looking forward to just seeing the campus. I want to figure out the academic side of Clemson. I've seen the football side, but I want to see about the academics because the academics are very important to my mom and dad.

Have you parents ever been to Clemson?
Aaron Kelly: Yes, my parents came with me when I came up for the Florida State game.

When do you expect to make your final decision?
Aaron Kelly: It will probably be near the end of this month.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding receiver from Georgia, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories