Future Clemson QB Pumped after Bowl

Clemson quarterback commitment Tribble Reese couldn't wait to watch the Peach Bowl but he got even more excited after receiving a call from Coach Swinney just before the Tigers took the field against the Vols.

QB Tribble Reese
6-3, 210, 4.70
Mountain Brook High School
Mountain Brook, Alabama

Did you watch the Peach Bowl Friday evening?
Tribble Reese: Yes sir, definitely.

What did you think of the Tigers performance against the Vols?
Tribble Reese: Well first of all I was really impressed with Charlie Whitehurst. I had never really gotten a chance to like really sit down and look at him. I talked to Coach Swinney after the game and he said the offense wasn't peaking but they still had a decent game and put up some good numbers. The offense is similar to our high school. The way they look to the sideline and check off. They see what Tennessee is doing a then check in to a play that will work better. That is a lot like what we do. I was really impressed. They started out with a lot of emotion. They were ready to play and it definitely showed.

Did you talk with the Clemson coaching staff before the Peach Bowl?
Tribble Reese: Coach Swinney called me right before he went on the field. It got me pumped up for the game. He was so pumped up. They were getting ready to go on the field. It was kind of cool.

What will it be like to play for the Clemson fans?
Tribble Reese: I love the fans already. It doesn't get any better than the Clemson fans. They fan support up there is second to none. That is one of the main reasons I want to go up there in addition to many other things is the atmosphere and the game day experience. To get a chance to play in front of the intense fans that they have. I'm looking forward to that more than anything.

Are you still very firm with your commitment?
Tribble Reese: Oh, yes sir.

Have you decided if you are going to take any other official visits?
Tribble Reese: I'm probably going to take one to Ole Miss on the 16th. I don't know about Notre Dame. I haven't talked to Notre Dame in a while. He tried to call me the other day but I didn't get to it. He hadn't called back so I don't know if I am going to take that one.

Are you excited about your official visit to Clemson this coming weekend?
Tribble Reese: I'm really excited to meet the players and to meet my future teammates. I want to get with help get some of the guys that are really on the bubble. I want to talk with Mike McIntosh and the Aaron Kelly and everybody else.

Have you talked with any of the other Clemson recruits?
Tribble Reese: I talked with LaDontae the other night. I called Mike McIntosh but he was out in California. I plan on calling him sometime this week before we get over there.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding quarterback from Alabama, right up through signing day 2004.

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