Sharpe Enjoys Big Win

Tommy Sharpe grew up in the state of Georgia but Friday's Peach Bowl was his first opportunity to play in the Georgia Dome. What was it like for the Georgia native to get such an impressive victory in the place where he always hoped to play? caught up with the outstanding center after the game.

How much did it mean to you to be playing in the Georgia Dome Friday night?
Tommy Sharpe: It felt great. My high school team wasn't that strong of a program. I never got to make it to the dome in high school. I've always dreamed about playing here. I grew up pulling for the Falcons since they are the home state team. You always want to know what it's like playing in the big leagues at least in their place. It's just an amazing feeling. The first time we get to play there we get to beat a team as good as Tennessee.

How big is this win for the team and the program?
Tommy Sharpe: This is a huge win. Hopefully this will just carry the momentum into next year. We can start off where we left off and maybe get a couple of top-notch recruits to come in and help us out.

What did you think about the showing from the Clemson fans?
Tommy Sharpe: Even in the Wake Forest game I was surprised at the loyalty our fans had. The way we got beat it was hard on the fans. The fans really helped the team over the final few games. The Clemson fans are special and they showed that tonight. Top Stories