What to Expect This Weekend

You've heard about the big recruiting weekend coming up for the Clemson Tigers, but what do these potential recruits do when they come to Clemson on an official visit? How does it all work? We've got all the answers in this report!

The Scoop
As the biggest weekend of the year creeps ever so closer, it's been sheer madness around the Clemson campus the last few days. Most of the assistant coaches were working the phones on Thursday well before 8 o'clock in the morning, preparing for the Tigers' recruiting extravaganza this weekend.

The Clemson coaching staff, the players, and basically everyone involved with the athletic department, will welcome between 33-37 prospects to campus this weekend.

The weekend is big for obvious reasons. One, it gives the chance for the recruits and their families to get a good idea of what it's like to attend school at Clemson University.

Two, it also gives the prospects the opportunity to meet the players that they'll be in contact with the most if they were to sign and enroll at Clemson.

And three, it gives the Clemson coaches the chance to put their best foot forward with all of the prospects that sit atop their recruiting board. With well over 30 recruits expected to attend this weekend's festivities, the momentum that can be established from a weekend like this can carry a school's recruiting ranking well into the top 25 in the country.

With that in mind, here's a brief run down of what to expect in Tiger Town this weekend:

Most of the players are expected to arrive to Clemson by 4 PM. After getting settled in, the parents of the prospects will have dinner at the Madren Center around 6:30, while the prospects themselves will go to Anderson, along with their player hosts, to a local restaurant.

The parents of the prospects will then leave for head coach Tommy Bowden's house for dessert.

Friday evening, the Clemson players and prospects are basically free to do whatever they want.

Naturally, Saturday will be the busiest day on the schedule, as the prospects will be ushered through several tours. First up, breakfast at the Madren Center at 8:30 AM before heading over to Vickery Hall for a tour of the academic support facilities.

About half of the group will tour Vickery Hall at that time, while the other half will take a good look at the weight rooms and equipment rooms. Those two groups will then switch off.

Afterwards, lunch will be served at the Tiger Den in Memorial Stadium around 12:45, followed by a complete tour of Death Valley.

(This is also usually the time when the prospects are allowed to run down the hill with Tiger Rag ringing in from the loudspeakers.)

Upon completion of the tour of the stadium, the prospects will get to see more of the campus, including the Hendrix Center, the dorm rooms, the practice fields, and the Indoor Practice Facility.

Later in the afternoon, the prospects will be treated to the Clemson Football Awards Banquet, at the Madren Center.

After the awards banquet, the recruits and their parents will have dinner at a location on campus. The rest of the evening is free time for the prospects with their respective hosts.

Sunday is brief, as the prospects are scheduled only for breakfast and a short meeting with their recruiting coach. An early lunch will also be served as most of the prospects and their parents will then make their way home.

The Philosophy
Obviously, the coaches would like to nail down as many commitments as possible, and in doing so, they'll use every advantage available to them. For instance, one of the more critical aspects to the whole idea of an official visit is the player host.

If a recruit is going to come to Clemson, he's got to like his host. The coaches will naturally try to pair wide receivers with wide receivers, quarterbacks with quarterbacks, and defensive linemen with defensive linemen.

So it would make sense that Charlie Whitehurst will host Cullen Harper and Tribble Reese, and that Kelvin Grant will host Mike McIntosh, and that Airese Currie will host La'Dontae Harris.

Parting Shot
Special efforts were being made today to put the brand new Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl trophy at a prime location with the McFadden Building. We were also informed that schools from around the country that have won a National Title on the gridiron are now being allowed to buy the "Sears Trophy" from the year in which they won it.

The Sears Trophy from 1981 is expected to arrive at Clemson sometime tomorrow, just in time for the big recruiting weekend.

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