Friday Night Recruiting Tidbits

Some insider news and notes on what we've picked up from the first night of the big recruiting extravaganza in Clemson. Keep checking back with, as we'll keep you updated with the latest scoop from this weekend's visits.

* To our knowledge, Travis Robinson did not make the trip to Clemson. His mom confirmed this on the telephone just before 8 o'clock. Robinson was scheduled to be hosted by cornerback Justin Miller.

* Alabama native Adrian Kindred will be making a late arrival tonight according to his sister earlier this evening. "He's playing in a basketball game and will be heading up after the game," stated his sister. Kindred will be hosted by Travis Pugh.

* Tribble Reese had heard of no commitments as he was heading over to Coach Bowden's house. "It's early," stated Reese. "But dinner was good. We ate at the new Sports City sports bar. After dinner we'll be heading out to see the night life."

* Albert Ashcraft is being hosted by Cliff Harrell. Ashcraft is reportedly leaning much harder towards Clemson and is well aware that Andre Copeland could beat him to the punch with a verbal commitment.

* Fork Union linebacker Maurice Reevey is also in town. Keep in mind that Reevey did not play football this past season due to a foot injury. Reevey is being hosted by defensive end Maurice Fountain.

* Some other player hosts:
* Mike McIntosh is being hosted by Kelvin Grant,
* La'Dontae Harris is being hosted by Airese Currie,
* Tribble Reese and Cullen Harper will be hosted by Charlie Whitehurst,
* Leland Jones will be hosted by LeRoy Hill,
* Dorrel Scott is being hosted by Eric Coleman,
* Jacquez McKissic is being hosted by Vontrell Jamison,
* Shaun Branscome is being hosted by Bobby Williamson,
* Jake Wingo is being hosted by Thomas Hunter.

* Branscome and Harper both commented earlier this evening that it took "forever" for their food to get on the table for dinner. Nevertheless, the early returns are nothing but positive as most of the prospects and their hosts "hit the town."

* The lights in Death Valley have been turned on this evening, and the score proudly reads, "Clemson 63 - South Carolina 17" on the scoreboard.

* Again, no commitments on the table just yet, but stay tuned! Keep it here all weekend long as we bring you the latest coverage of the big recruiting weekend. Top Stories