The Scoop on Albert Ashcraft!

Albert Ashcraft went into today's meeting with Coach O'Cain and Tommy Bowden to make his verbal commitment with the Clemson Tigers. What happened once he went in? Is he committed? What's the deal at running back? We've got all the answers in this report!

RB Albert Ashcraft
6-3, 190, 4.5
Monroe High School
Monroe, North Carolina

It appears as though the Tigers' situation at running back in 2004 appears to be cloudy at best.

"Clemson is still my leader," said Albert Ashcraft in an interview earlier this afternoon. "I just want to take my other visits just to be sure."

As first reported by earlier today, Ashcraft planned on giving his verbal commitment to Coach O'Cain and Tommy Bowden in his exit meeting from his official visit.

Coach O'Cain asked Albert point blank this morning if he was ready to give his 100% commitment to Clemson.

Albert's response was, "No. I'm probably not at 100% right now. I'm close, but not at 100%"

Coach O'Cain then asked him to take his last visit so that he would know that he would be 100% sure about committing to Clemson, because his decision impacted other players because scholarships are limited this year.

"Clemson is still my leader," stated Ashcraft. "But he wants me to be 100% sure. He doesn't want any doubts because my decision will influence what they do since they have limited numbers."

The Tigers are only planning on taking one running back in the 2004 class, and it appears as Ashcraft, and Lake City, Florida native Andre Copeland headline the current "realistic" wish list.

We will continue to keep you updated on this developing situation. Top Stories