Cotton Misses Clemson Trip

Glenn (NC) linebacker Quentin Cotton had a red flag go up on his file, which caused him to be unable to visit Clemson this weekend.

LB Quentin Cotton
6-4, 220, 4.75
Glenn High School
Kernersville, North Carolina

"I didn't make it. There was something wrong with the Clearinghouse stuff about a core class. My mom could tell you, but I really am not entirely sure what is going on. I just know that because I moved from Glenn to Andrews, there was something that did not transfer that that messed it up because Glenn called a class a core class, and Andrews didn't."

However, Cotton does not believe he would need to attend a prep school before enrolling in 2005. "I probably won't, because I just have to finish the classes I'm taking now, and I should be okay."

As far as his Clemson official visit, Cotton could find out soon.

"I don't know, I'm just waiting to hear from the coaches to see when they want me to come in." We will continue to keep you updated on Quentin Cotton, right up through signing day. Top Stories