Leland Jones Back from Clemson

Georgia standout Leland Jones traveled to Clemson this weekend for an official visit. We've got an in-depth report on the visit to Tiger Town in this recruiting Q&A.

LB Leland Jones
6-1, 204, 4.65
Douglass High School
Atlanta, Georgia

How did you enjoy your official visit to Clemson this weekend?
Leland Jones: I enjoyed myself. I liked the coaches, everything.

How did it feel to run down the hill?
Leland Jones: Oh man. That seemed kind of nice. I can get used to that real quick.

Did the visit change your commitment to Minnesota?
Leland Jones: I'm not sure yet. I need to sit down and think about it a little bit. Everything is still on the bubble.

How did you like Vickery Hall?
Leland Jones: I liked it. I liked that the lady for my major.

How did you enjoy the football banquet?
Leland Jones: It was cool. I liked how they had the seniors separated. I like how everybody showed their personalities as they walked to the stage. Youngblood came up with his shades on.

How did you enjoy your time with the coaching staff?
Leland Jones: I like the coaching staff. I talked with Coach Blackwell a good bit and we hit it off.

When do you believe you will make your final decision?
Leland Jones: I'm not sure yet. I might go to Central Florida. That would be it. Maybe Marshall. It's pretty much down to Clemson and Minnesota.

Did you enjoy your player host, LeRoy Hill?
Leland Jones: He was real cool. We had a good time.

Did you make friends with any of the other recruits?
Leland Jones: All the recruits were real cool. I got to know some of them and learn about their lifestyles.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding linebacker from Georgia, right up through signing day 2004.

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