Benedict Hears Back from Clemson

Tennessee transfer Heath Benedict has heard back from the Tigers about coming to Clemson this year. "I just got off the phone with Coach West. They are interested...." Read all about it in this quick Q&A.

Former Tennessee offensive lineman Heath Benedict is serious about wanting to come to Clemson.

The only question that remains is, are the Tigers serious about him? That question was answered earlier today when Benedict heard back from offensive line coach Ron West.

Here's what we found about this developing situation earlier today:

What did you hear from Clemson earlier today?
Benedict: I just got off the phone with Coach West. They are interested in me. I need to get them my grades. They said they would get back to me tomorrow. It sounds like they have a spot for me. It depends on what the grades are like.

What are your plans as of right now?
Benedict: I will probably stay somewhere close to home and take classes if I don't get in Clemson for this semester.

Would you be able to get in Clemson this semester?
Benedict: That is one of the things that they are checking to see. Classes started last Wednesday, so I'm not sure just yet.

If you get accepted to Clemson will you definitely go there?
Benedict: I will probably go to Clemson but I am still considering going to one of the division 1-AA schools where I would have three years of eligibility.

We will continue to keep you updated on this developing situation. Top Stories