McKissic Enjoys Clemson; Decision Looming

Alabama standout defensive lineman Jacquez McKissic traveled to Clemson this weekend for an official visit. We've got an in-depth report on the visit to Tiger Town in this recruiting Q&A.

DL Jacquez McKissic
6-7, 250, 4.8
Opelika High School
Opelika, Alabama

How did you enjoy your official visit to Clemson this weekend?
Jacquez McKissic: I had a great time. I just got back about 5 minutes ago. I liked the people. They are friendly. Coach Bowden told me they wanted me to come to Clemson. He was straight up. He didn't pressure me or anything.

How did it feel to run down the hill?
Jacquez McKissic: That was pretty fun. I twisted my ankle in a basketball game before I went up there. I couldn't run full speed but it was fun.

How did you like Vickery Hall?
Jacquez McKissic: I liked it. I see they are concerned about education as well. I can go there if I need some help.

How did you enjoy the football banquet?
Jacquez McKissic: It was nice. I liked it.

How did you enjoy your time with the coaching staff?
Jacquez McKissic: They were down to Earth coaches. They know when to get after you and when to have fun.

Did you make a commitment over the weekend?
Jacquez McKissic: No.

When do you believe you will make your commitment?
Jacquez McKissic: I will make my commitment after I visit Auburn next weekend.

Did you enjoy your player host?
Jacquez McKissic: It was Vontrell Jamison. We had the same personality. We had a good time.

Did you make friends with any of the other recruits?
Jacquez McKissic: Yeah I met a few guys from South Carolina. I got some of their numbers so I can keep in touch.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive lineman from Alabama, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories