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The ACC in 2004
An early look at who can challenge for the title in '04.

As most of us begin to turn our attention away from the 2003 season, and on towards spring ball and 2004, it goes without saying that the Clemson Tigers find themselves in a very exciting position. For the first time in over 10 years, the Tigers have the talent, the experience, and the coaching to compete for an ACC Championship.

Duane Coleman

A Tweak or Two
The BCS needs some changes, not an overhaul.

The main problem with the current BCS system is that its number one priority is to pair the top two teams in the country against each other. The difficulty in doing that lies in figuring out which two teams actually belong in the championship game.

Nick Saban

Top Bowl Wins
A look at the top wins for Clemson in the postseason.

After losing to unranked Wake Forest through the midway point of the 2003 season, nobody in their right mind would have predicted a 4 game winning streak to end the year, including a postseason win over 6th ranked Tennessee, but that's exactly what happened.

Chad Jasmin

Q&A with Tribble Reese
Future Clemson signal caller answers 25 questions.

The events that transpired after the South Carolina game happened to coincide with several other violent acts of looting and vandalism that occurred at other Universities within a month's period. Clemson was unfairly categorized in the same breath as Ohio State and West Virginia.

Tribble Reese

Who Steps in for D-Ham?
Several players will be looked upon in a different light in 2004.

The announcement surprised everyone. When it was learned that junior wide receiver Derrick Hamilton would forgo his senior season at Clemson and enter the NFL draft, a shockwave was felt around the Clemson Nation.

Chris Jefferson

Continuing the Trend
Clemson continues to stock the NFL with talent.

While seniors Kevin Youngblood, John Leake and juniors Derrick Hamilton and Donnell Washington are now positioning themselves on the draft boards of NFL scouts, several former Tigers continued to make a name for themselves this past season in the NFL, including Washington Redskins wide receiver Rod Gardner.

Anthony Simmons

Best Since Danny Ford?
2003 was the best season since 1989...or was it?

Scott Rhymer looks back on the 2003 and compares it with some of top seasons in Clemson over the course the past 15 years.

Charlie Whitehurst

Plus, a detailed look at the 15 biggest names on the planet looking hard at Clemson for the 2004 class.

Also, a national view of football and basketball recruiting from Jamie Newberg and Dave Telep will appear in each issue.

Plus, pictures you can't find anywhere else!!!

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