Tigers Now Lead for 4-Star Linebacker

Fork Union standout Maurice Reevey traveled to Clemson this weekend for an official visit. The 6-4, 220 pound linebacker left Clemson with a new leader. Is a commitment from the Virginia standout in the cards?

LB Maurice Reevey
6-4, 220, 4.5
Fork Union Military Academy
Highland Springs, Virginia

As the Tigers look sign another inside linebacker in the 2004 class, a big time prospect appears to be on the verge of making a Clemson commitment. Here's the latest from Fork Union LB Maurice Reevey:

How did you enjoy your official visit to Clemson this weekend?
Maurice Reevey: It was real fun. I had a lot of fun. Everyone supported the team. I can get good academics at any of the schools. Clemson is different because of the support.

How did it feel to run down the hill?
Maurice Reevey: Man that felt good.

How did you like Vickery Hall?
Maurice Reevey: They had everything we needed. They had lots of people to help you.

Who would be your favorite right now?
Maurice Reevey: I like Clemson. I like them a lot. They would be my favorite.

Did you enjoy your time with the coaching staff?
Maurice Reevey: I talked with Coach Bowden yesterday before I left. He told me they are really interested in me.

Did you make a commitment over the weekend?
Maurice Reevey: No

When do you believe you will make your commitment?
Maurice Reevey: I'm not sure. I want to talk to my high school coach first. Even if he doesn't like them that won't make my decision for me, but I just want to talk with him first.

Did you enjoy your player host this weekend?
Maurice Reevey: My host was Mo Fountain. That's my boy right there. As soon as we met we just clicked. We have been through everything the same. He went to Fork Union also.

Do you plan to take your visit to Virginia Tech next weekend?
Maurice Reevey: As of right now yes.

Is there a chance you may go ahead and commit this week and not take your visit to Virginia Tech? Maurice Reevey: Yeah, there is a chance.

What kind of advice is Coach Shuman from Fork Union giving you?
Maurice Reevey: He is telling me to speak to my heart.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding linebacker from Virginia, right up through signing day 2004.

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