The Scoop on Chris Zellner

Sarasota, Florida standout Chris Zellner is on an extended official visit tour, as he visited Clemson over the weekend and is now visiting Ohio State. caught up with Sarasota Head Football Coach Fred Gilmore to get the latest on the talented prospect.

Coach Gilmore has not talked with Chris over the past few days. "I have not talked with him this week," said Gilmore. "He's still up at Ohio State as far as I know and he won't be back until Thursday."

The talented prospect is down to three outstanding football programs according to his coach.

"He is down to Clemson, Ohio State and Miami. He is scheduled to visit Miami on January 23, and he has offers from all three. I wouldn't send him on an official visit if he didn't have an offer."

So what kind of player is the 6-foot-3, 225 pound athlete in the eyes of his coach?

"He is a coaches dream," says Gilmore. "I've been fortunate enough to coach him since he was 11 in youth football. His initial burst of the ball, his tenacity and his strength make him special."

Coach Gilmore also believes Zellner will excel at the next level.

"He could play tight end or defensive end. Whatever he decides to do he will excel. He will be very productive. He has all of the attributes to excel at the next level."

So wwen does his coach feel he will make a decision?

"I don't know. As good a player as he is, he is a better person. He would like to make everybody happy. He may have a hard time saying no to people. It may drag out or he may be able to make a decision quickly."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from Florida, right up through signing day 2004.

Editor's Note
We believe that Zellner is close to pulling the trigger on a commitment to Clemson. was told yesterday that his visit to Columbus has not been going that well because the Buckeyes are pitching to him as a linebacker. Zellner wants to play either as a defensive end or a tight end in college. Stay tuned!

Zellner, who registered 18 sacks this past season, is being recruited to Clemson by offensive coordinator Brad Scott. Top Stories