Virginia Tech Meeting with Reevey

The saga with Fork Union linebacker Maurice Reevey continues this afternoon as the 4-star prospect is meeting with coaches from Virginia Tech at this very moment. Find out the latest on this developing situation, in this report!

LB Maurice Reevey
6-4, 220, 4.5
Fork Union Military Academy
Highland Springs, Virginia spoke with Fork Union head coach John Schman just a few minutes ago about Maurice Reevey.

"He's still meeting with the coaches from Virginia Tech," said Shuman. "He's been speaking with them for a while now."

Shuman said that several people are in line waiting to hear back from Reevey, including Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden.

"TB called just before you did and he wants to talk to with Maurice when he's done," added Shuman.

So does that mean Maurice will confirm a commitment or actually commit to coach Bowden at that time? "I don't know. I'm always the last to know these things," chuckled Shuman.

Reevey is scheduled to visit Virginia Tech later this month, but he may back off of that visit, pending a potential commitment to Clemson.

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