Cut the Crap, Its Time for Some Real Football

After surviving the homecoming crowd in Winston-Salem last weekend, Clemson fans can rejoice in the fact that real football will return to Death Valley this Saturday. You know who is coming town, its Papa Bowden and the mighty Florida State Seminoles.

Its football at its worst: Groves Stadium in early fall. 15,000 Wake Forest fans attending a homecoming game against our beloved Clemson Tigers.

We all have to suffer through it, whether its that dreaded visit up to Durham or the quick shot to Winston-Salem, nobody looks forward to the trip up tobacco road to watch our Tigers play before an above average high school crowd.

Its demoralizing to our team, our fans, and the entire Atlantic Coast Conference, and it always results in a lethargic performance and usually a close victory.

There won't be any high school crowds, or worries about focus and motivation for Clemson this week.

Its time to play some football folks.

In comes Bobby Bowden and the mighty Florida State Seminoles, fresh off a 52-31 thumping of the 8th ranked Maryland Terrapins.

In a season that has seen more surprising twists in the ACC than a Tom Clancy novel, the matchup of these two schools rich in tradition and rivalry has all the makings of a classic.

For all the magic that Florida State seems to bring into Death Valley, no team, and I mean no team brings out the enthusiasm in the crowd better than the Seminoles.

That being said, I want somebody to show me a better college football atmosphere than what will be present Saturday afternoon.

I've got news for can't.

When the Tigers assemble at the top of the hill, and the Seminoles await at the opposite end of Death Valley and the only thing you can hear is a fierce mixture of Tiger Rag and the infamous Warchant, you'll know what a college football Saturday in Death Valley is all about.

When the cannon goes off and simultaneous release of several thousand orange and purple balloons go flying through the air and Tommy sends his troops down the hill in correlation with a deafening roar from the crowd, you'll know that the time is near.

And when Papa Bowden has his team waiting for the Tigers at the bottom of the hill, taunting and dancing, every ounce of adrenaline from every fan in that stadium Saturday afternoon will be used to help cheer the Tigers to one of the biggest wins of the Bowden era.

The Tommy Bowden era that is.

Its football at is finest, its father versus son, its Clemson versus Florida State.

See you Saturday afternoon in one of the finest settings that college football has to offer. Top Stories