Shrine Bowl OL Has Leader

James Thompson will announce his decision to the public next Wednesday at Sumter High but the decision may already be made. Will it be the Tigers, Tarheels or Gamecocks for the Shrine Bowl lineman? We've got the answer in this recruiting update.

OL James Thompson
6-5, 310, 4.95
Sumter High School
Sumter, South Carolina

With just a week to go until signing day do you have a leader?
James Thompson : I don't have a leader right now.

Who are your favorites right now?
James Thompson : South Carolina, Clemson and North Carolina.

Which head coaches have already had their in-home visits?
James Thompson : Coach Bowden and Coach Bunting have already had their in-home visits with the talented prospect. South Carolina Head Coach Lou Holtz is scheduled to visit tomorrow night.

When will you announce your commitment?
James Thompson : I will make my announcement at 10:00 next week at school.

How will you narrow your list of three down to a single leader by next Wednesday?
James Thompson : It will probably be the business school. That is the main thing I am looking at.

Why is the business school the most important factor for you?
James Thompson : That is what I want to major in. I want to go to the school with the best business program.

With the Business School being the critical factor does that not mean you have a leader?
James Thompson : South Carolina is really my leader right now.

What it would take for Clemson to take the lead this weekend?
James Thompson : I just want to know how there is business school is.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories