Reevey Decision on Friday?

Fork Union standout Maurice Reevey will be making his decision over the next 48 hours. caught up with the Reevey family to get the absolute latest on his recruitment. Find out the latest in this recruiting update.

LB Maurice Reevey
6-4, 220, 4.5
Fork Union Military Academy
Highland Springs, Virginia

Anyone who follows recruiting knows that parents sometimes play a major role in a prospects decision process. It will be no different for Reevey who will travel home tomorrow to meet with his parents and his former high school coach to make his final decision.

When asked where his recruitment stands as of late Thursday evening, his mother replied, "Well, I know its between Clemson and Virginia Tech. He hasn't made a decision yet."

"Maurice will be making his decision tomorrow. He will meet with us and his former high school coach."

So what is the most important concern for Maurice's mother?

"My main thing is I want to make sure he gets to keep his scholarship if he gets hurt. He could go out there and get injured in his first game. Both schools have assured me of that."

Coach Bowden and Coach Beamer have both been by to meet with the elder Reevey over the past few weeks.

"They have both been by the home. They were very impressive. Coach Bowden is a genuine fellow. He assured me that my son would be taken care of. Clemson seems to have Maurice's best interest at heart."

The elder Reevey will have her input but the decision will be Maurice's. "It will ultimately be Maurice's decision but he wants my input too," stated his mother.

And of course, at this point in the game the Reevey family will be glad when the recruiting process finally reaches it's conclusion. "He can't wait for the process to be over," added Mrs. Reevey.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding prospect from Virginia, right up through signing day 2004.

Editor's Note
It's now become clear that Maurice Reevey is a critical component of the 2004 class. This is an extremely close race between Virginia Tech and Clemson with many factors involved in the final decision.

Family, coaches at Highland Springs and Fork Union, distance, and whole host of other factors involved will all be considered by the Reevey family within the next 24 hours. Ultimately, based on what we've been told, we think it's going to be extremely difficult for Virginia Tech to win this recruiting battle. Regardless, we'll likely know his college destination before the end of the weekend. Stay tuned! Top Stories