Thompson Returns from Clemson

James Thompson just returned home from his official visit at Clemson this past weekend. What's the latest on his favorite schools? Do the Tigers have a chance to turn him? All of the details are contained inside!

OL James Thompson
6-5, 310, 4.95
Sumter High School
Sumter, South Carolina

How did you enjoy your visit to Clemson this weekend?
James Thompson: It went well.

How did it feel to be the only recruit on campus?
James Thompson: I got a little more attention probably than I would have.

What are some of the special things they did for you this weekend?
James Thompson: They took me and my family out to dinner Friday night.

Did the Tigers pull even or ahead of South Carolina this weekend?
James Thompson: They are about equal.

What did you like the most about your visit this weekend?
James Thompson: I got to know a lot of the players and the coaching staff.

How did your father feel after the visit?
James Thompson: I think he felt good about it.

How did your mother feel after the visit?
James Thompson: She felt good as well.

How much influence will your parents have in your decision?
James Thompson: Not as much but they will have some.

When will you have your final decision?
James Thompson: I will announce on Wednesday.

What will be your deciding factors?
James Thompson: It will be the coaching staff and the business school.

Do you feel better about the Clemson business school after your visit?
James Thompson: Yes sir. I feel better about their business school.

What was the highlight of the visit for your parents?
James Thompson:They really liked Vickery hall.

What was the highlight for you?
James Thompson:I really liked the hill.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories