Pressure Off Alabama DE

Alabama defensive end Jacquez McKissic will not have a decision tonight and the timing of his decision is unclear at this point. What will the talented prospect do tonight as he tries to finalize his decision? We've got the latest in this recruiting update.

DL Jacquez McKissic
6-7, 250, 4.8
Opelika High School
Opelika, Alabama caught up with McKissic's mother to get the latest on his recruitment. "Jacquez went out to dinner to relax and get some pizza. He can finally relax and think about his decision."

The 6-7, 250 pound prospect has just not had time to sit down and concentrate on his decision over the past few days.

"He has just not had time to concentrate on his decision. He slept most of the day Sunday after the official visit to North Carolina State. Then he had basketball games for the next two nights. He was supposed to announce his decision at a press conference during the basketball game last night, but he just wasn't ready."

"Coach Bowden has called several times to speak with Jacquez. A coach from North Carolina State has also called. They have both told him to take his time and make the decision that is best for him. They have both said the will wait as long as needed. I appreciate that from both schools."

McKissic will be attending a signing day celebration at teammate Adrian Kindred's house later tonight. "Adrian is having some kind of celebration tonight. Jacquez will be going over there later tonight."

When asked when she thought Jacquez would have his decision, his mother responded, "I just don't know. I don't know if he'll have a decision tomorrow or not."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive lineman from Alabama, right up through his signing of an LOI with the Tigers for the Wolfpack. Top Stories