Recruiting Thoughts

Now that signing day has officially passed us by, it's time to sit down and hash out a few issues that seem to be bugging a lot of Clemson fans these days. Here's a collection of quick thoughts that everyone should take interest in headed into spring practice.

* Tommy Bowden and David Blackwell addressed the fact that having 7 or 8 months of negative publicity last year hurt their recruiting efforts. Watch what happens in 2005 now that the exact opposite occurs.

* Understand the fact that Clemson signed most of the kids that were targeted on the offensive and defensive lines. They didn't get everybody, but they got a lot bigtime prospects in the trenches that are about twice as big as the average person walking down the street.

* Also, understand that there is no lack of talent or depth sitting in the Clemson wide receiving corps this year. Life goes on after Mike McIntosh.

* Size and speed. Nearly every player signed in this class has both. Bigger faster players beat smaller faster players any day of the week.

* Barry Richardson and Cory Lambert are enormous and extremely talented. At least one of these guys plays next year.

* Durrel Barry is big, fast, and catches everything in site. He's the kind of player that a defense has no answer for.

* Every school in the state of Florida would have taken Akeem Robinson had they saw his senior film during the playoffs. As it stands, only Florida did, and Clemson promptly beat the Gators for his services.

* Many of the juniors in the state of South Carolina are very already high on Clemson. Beating Tennessee and Florida State meant a lot to the future of this program.

* Wondering why Clemson didn't sign a running back in this class? The Palmetto state is loaded at that position in 2004. I mean loaded.

* Mike Hamlin is a nasty hitter and was a huge pick up on Signing Day.

* The coaches don't care about recruiting rankings. They got most of the guys they wanted.

* With a new attitude on the offensive line and nearly everybody coming back from a 10-man rotation, Duane Coleman may become the most dangerous weapon for the Tigers in 2004.

* Charlie Whitehurst is the top returning quarterback in the Atlantic Coast Conference this year.

* Chansi Stuckey is the top returning athlete in the conference that nobody has heard a thing about.

* Nobody will throw on Clemson secondary this year. You could argue that there are no weaknesses amongst the four returning starters.

* Spring practice will be more exciting than ever simply because Clemson beat the dog snot out of their last 4 opponents.

* If Airese Currie stays injury free in 2003, he would have been the best receiver on the team, not Derrick Hamilton. Guess who's coming back next year?

* 63-17 beats any recruiting class I can remember. Top Stories