Will Coaching Changes Impact Decision?

Rumors of coaching changes at Clemson and North Carolina State may have an impact on the decision of Alabama standout defensive end Jacquez McKissic. Is a decision close for the talented defensive end? How will the coaching changes influence his decision?

DL Jacquez McKissic
6-7, 250, 4.8
Opelika High School
Opelika, Alabama

CUTigers.com caught up with the mother of Opelika defensive lineman Jacquez McKissic to get the latest on his recruitment. Media reports of coaching changes at the ACC schools have the talented prospect taking another look at where he would like to play next season.

The 6-7, 250 pound prospect came home from school pleased that he had waited to make his decision because of changes on the coaching staffs at Clemson and North Carolina State. "He hasn't made a decision yet. He heard some news today about changes in the coaching staff's at both schools. He heard they are making some changes at Clemson. He also heard that the defensive line coach at North Carolina State would no longer be there."

Jacquez's mother is not sure what impact the coaching changes may have at this point. "I don't know if that will make him lean towards Clemson more or not. He loved coach Smith at Clemson. I need to know the person that's going to look out for him."

The coaching staffs for both schools will have some work to do to make sure Jacquez feels comfortable with the changes. "I'm sure he wants to ask them questions about the coaching staff," stated Jacquez's mother.

When asked when her son will have a decision, she responded, "He says only the lord knows. When the lord tells him I guess we will all know."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive lineman from Alabama, right up through his signing of a letter of intent.

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