Do You Know?

Do you know who is the most underrated prospect from the 2004 recruiting class? What about which prospects will likely play early in their careers, or which prospects will make a position switch the moment they step foot on campus? We've got some of the early answers inside!

Signing Day has long since passed us by, but for the true college football fan, now is where the fun really begins: figuring out which players from the 2004 class will make the biggest impact during their careers at Clemson University.

Today, we take a look at some of the more frequently asked questions in this post-signing day period.

Who Plays Early?
Every year, there's always a player or two that most people expect to see the field as a true freshman. Last year, it was Jad Dean and Maurice Nelson. Little did we know that it would actually be Tramaine Billie, Marion Dukes, Dean, and Brandon Pilgrim that would actually be the guys that played the most.

This year, some early names to keep an eye on would be Adrian Kindred and Cory Lambert.

Kindred already comes to Clemson with speed and size and could factor in the two-deep in the secondary, while Lambert's size makes him an obvious choice as an offensive tackle.

From what we've been told, Lambert will need to work on his upper body strength before reporting for fall practice if he's going to make an immediate impact.

Other names you may want to keep an eye on include DT Dorrel Scott and OL Barry Richardson. Both players have size, and the coaching staff will likely want to get Scott in the mix early on the defensive line.

Who Won't Qualify?
This too is a difficult question answer, but from what we know at this very moment, it appears as though Phillip Morris will likely be one player that goes to either Georgia Military or Southwest Mississippi JC this fall.

Several others are close, including Allendale-Fairfax LB Courtney Vincent, who needs just 10 more points on his SAT. OL Bobby Hutchinson is also close, needing just one more point on his ACT, but we've been informed he'll likely be able to make it in under the new sliding scale.

Union DT Rashaad Jackson is likely headed the JUCO route, although we maintain that some last minute things are being done to help him with his standardized test. Fort Dorchester's Durrell Barry is also borderline, and will attend Fork Union Military should he not make the grade.

Who Makes a Position Switch?
Last year at this time, we knew that Robert Reese would move from his natural position as a quarterback to the secondary. We also thought that Brandon Nolen would be moved to the secondary almost as soon as he stepped foot on campus. Obviously, only one of those two changes were made.

This year, there are several players that are poised to make a similar transition.

For starters, look for Chris Clemons to make the move from running back to the secondary as a cover corner. As a former track standout, he's got the speed, but he also has the size and strength to become a major factor in the Clemson secondary in the years to come.

Akeem Robinson, who's been told that he'll have a chance to play tight end, will probably end up somewhere on the defensive line, likely in the interior.

And with three tight ends signed in this class in Xavier Littleberry, Phillip Merling, and Durrell Barry, there's little doubt that one, if not two of these players will make a move somewhere else.

For now, we like Barry to come in as a slot receiver/tight end prospect. He put up astronomical numbers last year (60+ catches for over 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns) and has outstanding hands.

Merling and Littleberry have put up their share of numbers, but they could be utilized on the defensive line just as well.

Who's Underrated?
Two names jump out at us here: Xavier Littleberry and Akeem Robinson. Littleberry may be the one player that most fans know the least about.

"Xavier is a guy who is a freak. He's a 6-6, 240 pound natural athlete that hasn't even come close to reaching his full potential," said assistant coach Dabo Swinney in a recent interview with

"He can run, jump, change directions and plus he's just a great kid to be around. We feel like we got an absolute gem in him. He could stay at tight end, or he could move over to the defensive line. It will come down to where we feel like he can help us out the most."

As far as Akeem Robinson goes, recruiting coordinator David Blackwell says that Robinson's late season development really put him at the forefront of the Tigers' recruiting needs this year.

"We feel really good about Akeem Robinson," said Blackwell. "He really developed over the course of his senior year down there at Carol City. We got to see the tape of his championship game there near the end (of the, and fortunately, not too many other schools did or else they would have all offered him."

Earliest Impact
Cory Groover is the player to watch here. The former Hannah-Pamplico star is already enrolled at Clemson and figures to crack the two-deep depth chart as a defensive tackle during spring practice.

Perhaps Coach Blackwell summed it up best on signing day when he said, "I've never really seen a guy his size, move that fast." Top Stories