Chambers Wants to Stay in SC

RB Sadat Chambers
5-11, 190, 4.4
Pageland Central High School
Pageland, South Carolina

Thanks to a terrific state championship game with 202 yards on the ground, teams are picking up the recruitment of Sadat Chambers, a running back from Central Pageland (SC).

"Sadat is 5-11, about 180 pounds," says his head coach Joey Mangum. "He runs the mid-4.5s legitimately. I have timed him at 4.52 and 4.58, but we don't make the numbers look lower."

While forty times are great for some, Mangum says it has little to do with Chambers' abilities as a running back.

"He is one of those that has an explosive step, and he's full speed right then. It's the explosion that makes him so good."

That explosion helped Chambers to over 1000 yards last year. Teams are sending letters very quickly, but Coach Mangum believes that his student-athlete wans to stay closer to home.

"I know that if he had his choice, he'd want to go to South Carolina or Clemson. Hopefully he will be good enough that they will offer him." Top Stories