North Carolina QB Visits Clemson

As the Clemson Tigers hit the practice field for the first time this spring, Laurinburg quarterback Cameron Sexton was in attendance. What did the talented quarterback think about his first visit to Tiger Town? Where do the Tigers stand after the visit? Find all the details in this recruiting update.

The 6-3, 185 pound quarterback traveled to Clemson to see what the Tigers have to offer. "We caught the tail end of practice. I got to see Charlie throw."

Sexton was especially impressed with Clemson Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach Mike O'Cain. "I loved Coach O'Cain. He is a good friend with my high school coach. He helped my coach to put our offense together."

"It was my first trip to Clemson. I liked it. It has a college feel. I saw where they are going to put in the new locker room and add the new facilities."

The North Carolina star quarterback left Clemson very impressed with the Tigers. "It was very, very impressive. The program is heading in the right direction. I liked that Coach Bowden was adamant about the academics. He also introduced us to his religious beliefs. He wants to give us a chance to grow spiritually as well. I haven't heard that from any other coach."

The first visit to Clemson for the Laurinburg standout left him wanting to find out more about the Tigers. "They are right in third, just behind Maryland and State. This is the first time I've talked with the coaches and been down there. They do run our offense so that is a plus. I've never really followed Clemson but I was very, very impressed."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding quarterback from North Carolina, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories