Chilly Weather Highlights Day Two

Even though the Tigers are just two days into spring practice, head coach Tommy Bowden says things are moving along smoothly. "Things are going good right now, but we haven't gotten into full pads yet," said Bowden. "We'll do that Wednesday."

Winter Hasn't Left
The Tigers practiced right at 3 hours in brisk conditions Monday afternoon, completing their second full work out of spring ball. The start of practice was warm, but with a chilly wind and falling temperatures, things quickly cooled down for the last 2 hours.

Head coach Tommy Bowden said that several players have stood out to him so far, including both Chip Myrick and Chris McDuffie.

"Not a whole lot really jumps out you before you get into pads. It's all alignments, stance, where you put your hat, where you put your hands. It's all about fundamentals right now. But Chip Myrick has looked good for us. We'll know more once we get in full pads of course," said the sixth year head coach.

Bowden also said that there were a few more dropped balls than he would have liked to seen today from the receivers, but that it's not really a concern.

"Being in shorts, you don't have any protection, so hopefully that will change on Wednedsay. Travis Pugh had a chance to really blow up Chansi Stuckey today in skeleton, but with no pads on he couldn't really do that."

Running Game Still a Priority
Even though the Tigers started to run the ball more effectively towards the end of last year, the desire of the coaching staff to find a true "go-to" running back continues to be an emphasis this spring.

Former RB Kyle Browning has looked good at cornerback early on according to Tommy Bowden, but keep in mind full pad don't go on until Wednesday.
Many will remember the same talk last year when Reggie Merriweather seemingly established himself ahead of the rest of the pack. This year, things appear to be wide open.

Duane Coleman is still the starter, but Yusef Kelly will try and push his way for more playing time.

"We've got to rush for over 2,000 (yards). Somebody has to separate and be a difference maker. Somebody's got to stay healthy and do it," said Bowden.

"If it's Yusef Kelly, he's got to go out there and do it. We've got to also find out about Brandon Nolen and Reggie Merriweather. That's something that's going to materialize pretty soon."

Smooth Transition?
Bowden also added that Kyle Browning and Chansi Stuckey have looked good in the early going at their new positions.

"Kyle's done well for us, but it's early. We'll know a lot more once we get into full pads. We also need to see Chansi get hit," added Bowden.

"We've seen him in the air catching the ball, but we need to see him get hit. He's been hit running the ball, scrambling, but it's a little bit different as a receiver. It takes a little more courage.

Other Notes
* Kevin Youngblood and Derrick Hamilton were both in attendance on Monday. The two players have been working out in New Orleans getting ready for their upcoming careers in the NFL.

* There were no injuries to report this afternoon. The Tigers will practice again on Wednesday at 3:30. Top Stories