Baham Ready for Extended Role

Three years ago, Curtis Baham arrived at Clemson lacking the hype and fanfair enjoyed by Roscoe Crosby, Derrick Hamilton, and Airese Currie. Now, it's his turn to step into the spotlight. <BR><BR> Think he's ready? You bet he is.

Curtis Baham is an unassuming individual.

He isn't the player that you hear yelling on the practice fields or the player you count on to win the game for you.

Or is he?

This year, with the departure of Derrick Hamilton, Kevin Youngblood, and Tony Elliott, Baham has emerged as one of the most consistent, and most talked about wide receivers in spring practice.

He's also a guy that seems to be settling into more of a leadership role.

"He's more vocal," said Dabo Swinney of his leadership qualities. "He's a get in your face kind of guy and he brings a real dynamic to us." Baham quietly emerged last season by bringing in 22 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown. This year, those numbers figure to increase significantly as the rising junior steps into a starting role.

"I'm loving it," said Baham. "I'm trying to make a play every time I get my hands on the ball. Anytime the ball is thrown in my hemisphere, I'm trying to make a play. That's my role this year and I'm running with it."

No, clearly this isn't the same Curtis Baham from a year ago. This isn't the guy that's settling for what's been given to him. He's not satisfied with a couple of catches and a 9 win season

He, and the rest of the team have taken on an entirely new attitude.

"Last season really doesn't have anything to do with this year," said Baham. "We don't have the same players so it's not the same chemistry. Our goal this year is to win all of our games, go to the Orange Bowl, and win a National Title. Period."

"That's the only reason I'm out here. If I was out here to win 8 or 9 games then I wouldn't be here. We are out to win them all."

Baham is one of several players that will be depended on to carry the load this year, but with his kind of effort and leadership, it doesn't appear to be a problem.

"Curtis has a lot of confidence right now," added Swinney. "He feels like he's the best player on the planet and that's good. That's what you need at this position because his role is going to increase drastically this year."

Ask Coach Bowden and he'll tell you.

"He's probably been our most consistent receiver to date," said Bowden after practice Monday evening. "He had a few drops out there today, but he's been real consistent for us overall."

Or better yet, ask the man himself.

"I'm excited," said Baham. "This is our chance and we want to take advantage of it. My job- I just have to make plays whenever I get the ball, and that's what I plan on doing." Top Stories