Spring Practice Insider

Today, we take you further inside spring practice with a look at who's doing what in the eyes of players themselves. Some of their answers to our questions just might surprise you!

How has Chansi Stuckey looked in your eyes this spring as a wide receiver?
Curtis Baham He's a guy that's going to be able to help us. He's a short ellusive guy, all he has to do is get adjusted fully to playing wide receiver. He's D-Ham but just a little shorter and he's probably faster too.

Who has been the most difficult receiver for you to cover this spring?
Tye Hill: Probably Airese just because he's so fast. We are both track guys and there are certain areas where he's faster than me, and certain areas where I am faster than him. But he's hard to cover one-on-one. Kelvin Grant and Curtis Baham also present you with different problems.

Where did you spend spring break last week?
Curtis Baham: Just kind of relaxed and enjoyed New Orleans and relaxed all week. It was nice being back in the city. I talked with my high school coach a lot. It was nice just hanging out and not doing anything. I didn't really do much but sleep and eat while I was home.

How has having a child changed your outlook on life and football in general?
Yusef Kelly: It made me realize that there's more to life than just football. It made me mature fast. I planned ahead for my future not just for the moment. With my son being here, I have to make sure he's financially stable when he gets older.

What have you seen out of Kelvin Grant so far?
Curtis Baham: Everybody knows what Kelvin can do. He's an outstanding athlete. He's getting his stuff together off the field and mentally so he's going to be a good player for us.

Where did you spend spring break last week?
Roman Fry: The Bahamas!

What have you seen out of the back up quarterbacks, Will Proctor and C.J. Gaddis?
Curtis Baham: C.J. is a little younger so he's got to work on his timing a little more, but he has great, great athletic ability. Will is more of a pure pocket passer. He's definitely getting it there. He used his last year to get his timing right, and he's coming on now.

Where did you spend your spring break?
Tye Hill: I went home. I couldn't go to the Bahamas or anywhere else like some of the other guys. I'd probably have to save for two years to be able to do something like that (laughing). I hadn't been home since Christmas so it was nice.

Last year, everyone was talking about how you reported to camp overweight. Where do you stand on your health compared to last season?
Yusef Kelly: Well, injuries are something you can't really control. That's just the type of year it was, but weight wise? I don't know where I'm supposed to be at. I'm at 227 right now but I always feel the same. I think I started camp at 242 last fall and then lost 13 pounds before the first game. Noboby knows that. I don't know why they don't know that but that's what happened.

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