Friday Spring Practice Report

The Tigers returned to the practice fields Friday afternoon for their final practice session before their first official scrimmage of spring. Tommy Bowden met with the media afterwards to discuss some of his objectives for Saturday, and also to talk about some of the stand out performers from this past week.

Jackson Makes the Move
Fullback Steven Jackson, a transfer from East Tennessee State a year ago, has made the move over to inside linebacker.

"Its kind of like Kyle Browning, we've got to find a way to get him on the field," said Bowden. "Steven is the same way. He's got the intensity; he's an effort guy. We need to find a way to get him on the field somewhere. He'll hit you as a first team fullback, we just don't have a lot of fullback plays. Nobody does."

Bowden added that he'll still be the first team short yardage fullback, but he's now practicing fulltime on the defensive side of the ball. Nigel Vaughn will now move over to fullback on a fulltime basis to balance the numbers.

Changes Up Front
Bowden said that Donnell Clark and Trey Tate were the starting defensive tackles during today's practice, and that Gaines Adams and Charles Bennett were the starting ends.

"There are a bunch of changes going on," said Bowden in reference to his new defensive line up.

"It was Vontrell Jamison, Mo Fountain, and Eric Coleman. We feel pretty comfortable with LeRoy, we've got to find another linebacker. Anthony Waters has played good, he just needs to make more plays. Tye Hill has been our best corner so far."

Special Teams Update
Stephen Furr remains the top placekicker through the midway point of spring practice.

"I've just got to find out right now who can compete with Furr," said Bowden. "He's number one, I've just got to find who can compete with him."

Cole Chason remains in the mix, but Bowden reiterated that he wants the opportunity to evaluate his specialists during this weekend's scrimmage.

"There's only so much you can do it during practice against a live rush," said the sixth year head coach. "You don't want to tire out your defense."

Jad Dean is also competing for the first team. Bowden added that Dean made a 48-yarder at one point during practice earlier in the week.

Gaddis Debate Continues
As the ever-popular position change talk continues for back up QB C.J. Gaddis, Tommy Bowden said that his third team signal caller scored touchdowns on both occasions when he scrambled out of the pocket this week.

"One was from 35, and one was from 40," Bowden said. "All they had to do was touch him and then he has to stop, but we couldn't even do that."

Bowden said that they would most likely talk with Gaddis on Monday about interest in another position.

Gameplan for Saturday
Airese Currie and Tye Hill will not scrimmage with the team tomorrow due to their commitment to track. Marion Dukes will also be out with a death in the family. Dukes has not practiced since Monday.

The Tigers are expected to start their scrimmage in Death Valley sometime between 10:45 and 11 o'clock.

The scrimmage will be open to the general public. Top Stories