Gaddis Moves...For Now

Head coach Tommy Bowden announced today that C.J. Gaddis has moved from quarterback to cornerback. Will the move stick? We've got the latest from C.J. Gaddis himself, plus a full practice report from Monday inside!

The Tigers returned to the practice fields in shorts and shoulder pads today for the first time since Saturday's scrimmage in Death Valley. Practice started around 4:15 and lasted until almost 6:30.

The Gaddis Move
The long speculated move of C.J. Gaddis finally went down earlier today.

As expected, the initial move for the former quarterback was to defense.

"I just got a couple of reps today with the 2nd team today at cornerback," Gaddis said after practice. "It was just to see how I fit in today, it's not permanent."

Gaddis had some reservations about the move, but admitted that he's willing to give it a try. "It's not my personality to be honest, because I've never played without the ball in my hand."

Head coach Tommy Bowden said afterward that the move was made to put one his best athletes on the field.

"It's kind of like the situation with Chansi Stuckey," said Bowden. "C.J. couuld probably be a very productive wide out, maybe even tailback, but we are struggling right now in the secondary at corner. So we felt like he's got the potential to get over there and help us. He's got the ability to be a potential starter."

When asked if he thought C.J. wasn't happy with the move, Bowden quickly responded, "You know I wasn't that happy when we lost to Wake. But that's part of the profession. It's new. It's unchartered water. It's not that surprising because it's new. Most people would have a reservation about moving."

Film Review
After having a chance to review Saturday's film, Bowden said that several players stood out to him.

"Robert Reese at corner, Mo Fountain kind of resurfaced again. Eric Coleman kind of took it up another notch. Anthony Waters and Nick Watkins are kind of pushing each other for that spot beside LeRoy. Chansi Stuckey stuck out. Reggie Merriweather at running back. Will Proctor is making some progress. Cedric Johnson on the offensive line...those are the guys that stuck out. Kelvin Grant too."

Bowden added that he has been particularly pleased with Grant's development.

"He's caught a touchdown pass for every scrimmage, in every situation. He's been very consistent. Right now, he's playing to his potential."

Parting Shots
Bowden also referenced the fact that the Tigers missed the ACC Championship by two points against N.C. State last year.

He said that C.J. Gaddis could be a player that would have made a difference in that game.

"He's got the talent to do it. He's got the talent to be very, very good. He's got the potential to be those two points," said Bowden. "You can't say that about a bunch of guys."

Marion Dukes returned to the practice fields today for the first time since last Monday after a death in the family. Tim DeBeer also has a sprained ankle, but the injury is not believed to be serious. Vontrell Jamison also returned to action today after suffering a fracture in his finger during Saturday's scrimmage.

The Tigers will return to practice again on Wednesday. Top Stories