Defense Shows Improvement

The Clemson Tigers returned to the practice fields earlier today for about two and a half hours under chilly conditions. We've got the latest from head coach Tommy Bowden as he mentioned several players that are making a move.

Defense Improving
Temperatures dropped into the mid 50's with a gusty breeze Wednesday afternoon, but that didn't stop the Tigers from returning to the practice fields in full pads.

Head coach Tommy Bowden addressed the media afterwards, commenting on several areas of the team that stood out to him.

"The defense did the best that they've done (so far this spring), I was really pleased with their performance," said Bowden. "Jad missed a long field goal, about a 56-yarder with the wind. He kicked really good today though. The wind really took it."

"Gaines (Adams) got an interception, Tavaghn Monts got an interception. Fudge had an interception, and Billie recovered a fumble. We had too many turnovers, but on the goaline, the defense won 3 out of the first 4, the offense won 3 out of the next four, and the second team split 50-50."

"That's still not quite where we'd like to be defensively, but the overall performance is the best of what it's been this spring."

Gaddis Also Improving
C.J. Gaddis practiced as a cornerback again today, and Coach Bowden had some positive things to say about his performance.

"He knocked the ball out, made a couple of tackles. He jumps out at you. He made some plays today. You can see his athletic ability out there on the field when he jumps out there on the first day and makes some plays," said Bowden.

Bowden also added that the staff is still evaluating who Gaddis will be backing up. "The main thing is that we get him out there on the field."

Grant Keeps On Keeping On
When asked if Kelvin Grant had his fifth consecutive good day on the practice fields, Bowden said that he messed up one play, but that overall he continues to play at a high level.

"He caught a touchdown pass today. He's caught one everyday. I think that was him," said Bowden. "He caught it on Tye Hill.

Grant was one of the more impressive receivers during last Saturday's scrimmage, bringing in 5 catches for 52 yards and a touchdown.

Concern at Linebacker
When asked how he felt about his linebackers Wednesday, Bowden commented, "We've just got one right now."

"We've got to play with two unfortunately, but right now we've just got one. That's not good, but again somebody is going to have to step up."

Of course, Bowden was referring to LeRoy Hill as his "lone" linebacker. Nick Watkins and Anthony Waters continue to battle it out for the spot beside Hill.

No injuries were reported today and no players are expected to miss Saturday's scrimmage. The Tigers will return to the practice fields again on Friday afternoon. Top Stories