Merriweather Bandwagon Growing

The Clemson Tigers returned to the practice fields Monday afternoon for the first time since Saturday's scrimmage. We've got the word on who caught the eye of Tommy Bowden and some more position changes in store on the offensive line, in this report.

Miller Backing Up the Talk
Tommy Bowden said today that after reviewing film of Saturday's scrimmage, several players stood out to him, including cornerback Justin Miller.

"Justin Miller had a very good practice on Satudray, probably his most consistent day of the spring," said Bowden. "He can really peform at a high level, and he did Saturday."

He also added that Chip Myrick, Tommy Sharpe, and Cedric Johnson are three players that are playing "the best" right now.

Merriweather Bandwagon Growing
Tommy Bowden said Monday afternoon that Reggie Merriweather continues to be the running back that is coming closest to making the big play.

"He faked me out last year," said Bowden. "It's the same type of effort, but he's a little bit sharper on his assignments and those things that are a little more important in games- protections, changing plays, and runs. He's showing that he's a little more consistent. I don't think he can trick me twice."

Merriweather was the leading rusher in Saturday's scrimmage with 9 rushes for 53 yards.

Concern at Tackle
When asked if freshmen Cory Lambert and Barry Richardson would get a harder look at tackle this fall based on what he's seen this spring, Bowden said that all of his linemen will get the opportunity to play.

"We are going to take the best of what we got and put them out there," said Bowden. "I'm going to do what I did last year. We played Dukes, we played Brandon Pilgrim. I'm not going have the mindset of trying to redshirt them all like I did two years ago."

Bowden said that Cole Downer is making a push, and that Tim DeBeer, who has now been moved to left tackle is also making a push for playing time.

Depth in the Secondary
Not much has been heard about Sergio Gilliam this spring, but according to both John Lovett and Tommy Bowden, he's coming along just fine.

"Gilliam and Reese have both done well," said Bowden. "Robert is probably ahead of Sergio right now, but they both have done well."

Lovett commented after Saturday's scrimmage that Gilliam had been a "consistent" performer this year.

The Tigers will return to the practice fields on Wednesday, for their last practice before Saturday's Orange & White game. Kickoff Saturday in Death Valley is scheduled for 1:00 PM. Top Stories