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CUTigers.com caught up with Kelvin Grant after practice on Wednesday to get his thoughts on spring ball. "Knowing my coverages and being able to get away from a defender and creating space. I think that's some of things I'm doing well right now," said Grant.

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Kelvin, you've been one of the guys that's made some noise this spring on offense. How do you feel like you've improved your game this spring?
Grant: I feel like my game is coming on big right now. I've gotten to play a lot more, so I've gotten more comfortable. I'm flying around, doing things that I couldn't do last year. I've got a lot of work to do, we all got a lot of work to do. But but the time we play Wake this fall, everything should be perfect.

What's been the biggest difference for you this spring? The coaches talk about the fact that you have been studying the playbook more and doing some of the little things. What do you attribute your progress to this spring?
Grant: The ability to get open. I don't feel like I'm as crisp as I was last year as far as route running. For some reason I've fallen back a little bit with that, but knowing my coverages and being able to get away from a defender and creating space. I think that's some of things I'm doing well right now.

You've got the spring game on Saturday, I know you are wanting to give the fans a good show.
Grant: (laughing) You know I'm going to want to give them a good show. But I don't want to go out there too anxious. Last year I kind of went out there with the attitude, 'Okay, one more, and do my thing.' This year, I'm not going to go out there with that kind of negative attitude.

Tell me about Chansi Stuckey and what you've seen of him this spring.
Grant: Chansi...I don't want to stir up anything, but I think he's going to step in for D-ham pretty good. When he catches the ball, he does amazing things with it. He had us running 80 yards today on a 60-yard play trying to block for him. He can do it. He can catch, he can run, he can jump. He's got the total package.

What about your role in the offense. You compared Chansi to Derrick Hamilton, are you the guy that steps in for Kevin Youngblood?
Grant: I believe I'm going to fill for Youngblood, but I think I'm going to be more of a deep threat. If I get my hands on the ball I'm going to score a touchdown. Our squad this year, everybody's got their own little unique thing that they bring to the table. Airese- it's speed, Chansi- what he does after he catches the ball, and me, I'm just out there catching everything.

The wide receivers were a bit of question mark heading into spring practice, but now it seems as like all those questions have been answered. Would you agree with that?
Grant: Yeah. Of course, people were going to think there were some questions after we lost Youngblood and Hamilton- those are some huge shoes to fill, but everybody's going to see. (laughing) They'll see it some on Saturday, but they are really going to see it when the season starts.

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