Post Spring Comments: Anthony Waters cuaght up with several players after Saturday's Orange & White game, including linebacker Anthony Waters, a player that has solidfied his spot beside LeRoy Hill at the JACK linebacker position.

How does it feel to be done with spring practice now?
Waters: It feels great right now. I think we've improved a lot this spring. We've still got a lot of things we need to work on, but we'll be ready by the time we play Wake Forest in the fall. It's been a good spring.

You've solidfied yourself now at linebacker it looks like. Your comments on that?
Waters: I'm the starter now, so that means a lot. I did all the work I could this spring to earn that spot, so I'm hoping that goes over well this fall. Like I said though, I've still got a lot to learn, but I've got a lot of good players around helping me out.

What's been the biggest improvement in your game since last year?
Waters: I've learned how to read the linemen, and that's help a lot. I've also gotten a lot of advice from LeRoy and I still talk to John Leake. Everybody's been helping me out, trying to make a better player.

Did you talk to John any today? I saw him down on the sidelines with you guys?
Waters: Yeah, I talked with him for a while. He just told me that he came to watch me play, and I felt like I made some plays and did pretty good, so I think he liked seeing that.

* Anthony Waters was named the Most Improved Linebacker of spring practice during halftime. (pictured above) Top Stories