Tigers Backing Off Metcalfe

Alan Metcalfe, the 6-10, British power forward from Notre Dame Academy in Middleburg, Va., was supposed to make two official visits last week, but ended up making only one.

"On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was at Vanderbilt," he said. "I really went very well. I spoke with the coaches, got to know the players, and it was just a really good time."

"Clemson was supposed to be Thursday and Friday, but they cancelled. They called my coach up at Notre Dame [Academy]. They just said they couldn't host me. I don't know what happened... maybe they signed someone else earlier. But something happened that I couldn't go on the visit."

With Clemson out, Metcalfe's final choice will come down to St. Bonaventure, William and Mary, or Vanderbilt, the three schools he has visited.

"My coach [Larry Cullinane] says I need to make my decision by Wednesday, so hopefully I'll have it all done by then," Metcalfe said.

"I've got to call my parents back in England. I liked all three of them. I was hoping that only one of the three would stand out [above the others], but none did. I would feel comfortable going to any of them. So I obviously just need to pick one now. I really don't know right now how I'm going to distinguish between the three."

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