Scouting Report: Chad Jasmin

"Jasmin is an athletic fullback best carrying the football," notes NFL Draft Expert Tony Pauline. "He runs with vision, patience, and he follows blocks, quickly getting to top speed."

Name: Chad Jasmin School: Clemson Year: 5Sr
Ht: 5-9.5 Wt: 220 40: 4.71 Pos: FB

Bio: Started four games as a senior totaling 112/523/9 on the ground. Junior totals included 76 yards rushing with 1 score, after 41/204/0 the prior season.

Pos: Athletic fullback best carrying the football. Runs with vision, patience and follows blocks, quickly getting to top speed. Strong legs and hips, effective running between tackle and displays adequate power. Picks up the tough yards and keeps his feet driving forwards.

Neg: Must pick up the blocking intensity and instinct; misses assignments, does not attack defenders and rarely finishes. Straight line runner carrying the ball

Analysis: A tweener in the offensive backfield, Jasmin lacks the speed for halfback and size as a lead blocker. Could develop into a solid short yardage runner though he must improve the consistency of his hands to have any significant shot at the next level. Top Stories