Nicholson Tour Slowing Down?

After an unofficial visits tour that stretched from Ann Arbor to Tallahassee, Winston-Salem (N.C.) Mt. Tabor linebacker Derek Nicholson, who currently garners over thirty offers, is going to take a slight break in the month of May.

LB Derek Nicolson
6-2, 230, 4.6
Mount Tabor High School
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"So far I don't have plans for May, but I'm probably going to Virginia in June," stated Nicholson who has visited Florida State, North Carolina, N.C State, Clemson, Wake Forest, Duke, Michigan, Georgia and Virginia Tech thus far. "I'm probably also going to make it to a few camps of schools that I haven't seen yet this summer."

All this traveling is in an effort to assist Nicholson in his narrowing down process. By the end of July the 6-foot-1, 288-pound All-State selection would like to have established his top five. At this point, however, Nicholson is completely open.

Like all other blue chip prospects, Nicholson needs a receptionist to field the countless phone calls he receives on a nightly basis from college coaches vying for his services.

"I'm starting to get a lot of phone calls," remarked Nicholson. "They are telling me, of course, how they want me, how I will fit into the scheme of things, what defense they play, and what position I would play in their defense. They get more in-depth on how I would fit into their program, at this stage where there is program at that particular time, and just stay like how my spring has been going and how I have been wining down the season."

South Carolina and Miami are among the most recent of Nicholson's offers. He expects the flow of offers to slow down as virtually all east coast schools have tendered the defensive playmaker. Top Stories