Tremel Will Report to Campus Early

Taylor Tremel was one of the first players to commit to the Tigers and now he is only about 45 days from starting his college career. What has the Lake Mary standout been doing to prepare for the next level? caught up with the talented lineman and we've got the latest.

OL Taylor Tremel
6-4, 265, 5.0
Lake Mary High School
Lake Mary, Florida

The 6-foot-5, 270 pound lineman has been working hard to insure that he is in the best shape possible when practice begins in August. "They sent me the fall and winter workout plan," said Tremel. "Last week I got the summer workout plan. The running is the most fun. The Florida heat that adds the extra touch to the running. I'm running 5 days a week."

Tremel will also get an early start to his Clemson experience this summer. "I am going for the second summer session. I want to get up there and get use to it. Since I'm coming from Florida I want to get use to the environment up there."

Academics will not be an issue for the Florida lineman. "I have a 1050 on my SAT and I'm going to have a 2.8 core GPA," stated Tremel.

Coach Swinney and Coach Scott have kept in touch with the powerful lineman. "I talk with Coach Swinney every once and a while. My dad got some films from Coach Scott. It talks about blocking schemes and how to pass block."

Tremel did not get a chance to see the Tigers during spring practice as he was working hard in the classroom. "No I wasn't able to make it. My second semester course load was harder. After football was over I took my difficult classes."

The Lake Mary star lineman is looking forward to meeting his new teammates. "I just want to get to know the guys on the team. You only get one official visit. I look forward to meeting my teammates and get ready for the season."

And how do the elder Tremel's feel about their son heading off to Tiger Town?

"My mom is excited but sad. She's happy for me but she doesn't want me to leave. My dad is all in to the diet stuff. He is watching what I eat."

We will continue to keep you updated on this future Tiger lineman, right up through the first day of practice in August. Top Stories