Grant Talking Clemson Commitment

Mullins offensive lineman Jamarcus Grant spoke with Friday afternoon and said that the Clemson Tigers now hold the lead for his services. Is he closing in on a commitment to wear orange?

OL Jamarcus Grant
6-5, 330, 5.0
Mullins High School
Mullins, South Carolina

Jamarcus Grant is a name many college recruiting enthusiasts have been following in recent weeks and rightfully so. Grant is one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the southeast this year out of Mullins High School.

But here's the catch. Grant had not been giving the Clemson Tigers heavy consideration until just recently.

In fact, it was only after attending one of the Tigers' summer camps earlier this week that Jamarcus Grant decided that Clemson may be the school for him.

"We went to Clemson earlier this week, then we went to Tennessee but I had to come back home early from that one," said Grant Friday afternoon.

"When I went to camp up at Clemson, I really go to see what things were like Clemson. I got to look at campus and got a lot of facts instead of opinions."

When asked to expand on that comment, Grant responded, "I thoought the school was ok and everything beforehand, but when I took time out and listened to the coaches and saw all of their bowl games and some of their records, I know they have a very program, and that made an impression on me."

"Clemson is now my leader," said Grant. "And I'll probably have my decision by the first of August or earlier."

Grant also added that he is inching closer to a possible commitment to Clemson and that a decision could come down as soon as next week.

"It just depends," he said. "That could happen."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories