Peach State WR Listing Clemson

Johnny Belt is a swift running, tall, long armed receiver out of the Peach State has his first offer. Where does Clemson stand on his early list in the recruiting process?

WR Johnny Belt
6-4, 185, 4.45
Luella High School
Locust Grove, Georgia

Johnny Belt had a strong showing at Auburn's passing camp last weekend, and he left the camp with his first SEC scholarship offer when the Tigers stepped up to the plate.

What other schools are recruiting Belt?

"A lot of schools are recruiting me, but the ones recruiting me the most other than Auburn would be Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State and probably North Carolina."

Johnny feels most of the schools are waiting on his SAT and ACT test scores to arrive before offering. Johnny said "Auburn told me they couldn't wait anymore. They wanted to offer now because they new I would take care of the academic side of things."

Other than participating in Auburn's camp, did Belt take anything else from the trip to the Plains?

"I had a great time. I got walk around the campus, I got to go inside and check out the football stadium, toured the basketball facilities, the weight room and a few other things. Overall it was great. I love the campus, great surrounding area and it is close to home also."

With Auburn being the first to offer, is Belt ready to name them his leader?

"Nah, I wouldn't call them my leader yet. I am still open to at least these five schools...Georgia, Auburn, North Carolina, Central Florida and Clemson."

Johnny looks to make his decision sometime towards the end of the season. Between now and that time, Johnny will camp at Georgia on July 9th and 10th and then at Florida on the 12th of July. Johnny also added that both Florida and Tennessee plan to offer for him when he makes the necessary test score. Top Stories