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Scouting the Competition
An in-depth look at every team on the 2004 schedule.

The good news for Tiger fans is that Clemson finally defeated the Noles last year, 26-10 in Death Valley. The bad news for Tiger fans is that the 2004 match up against Florida State is being played in the not-so-friendly confines of Doak Campbell Stadium.

By Roy Philpott

Bobby Bowden

8 Keys to 8 ACC Wins
What will it take to run the table in the ACC?

Many people have publicly stated an 8-3 record this year with this kind of schedule would be nothing short of outstanding.

But, for the sake of argument, what would it take to defy those odds and win an ACC Championship this year?

By Scott Rhymer

An ACC Title in '04?

Catching Up with Rodney
Former Clemson quarterback goes one-on-one with CUTigers The Magazine.

"I never admitted it when I was playing, but ultimately a great defense will win championships for you, and that's what you're starting to see from Clemson," said Williams.

By Brett Jensen

Rodney Williams

They Said It!
Here's a look at some of the more intriguing comments made this offseason.

"I'm at 227 pounds right now but I always feel the same," said Yusef Kelly. "I think I started camp at 242 last fall and then lost 13 pounds before the first game. Nobody knows that. I don't know why they don't know that but that's what happened."

By Roy Philpott

Yusef Kelly

A Family Affair
Charlie isn't the only Whitehurst making an impact at Clemson University.

"In high school, we started getting along a little bit better, but (as children), it was definitely a sibling rivalry," said Charlie. "That's what it was, and that's exactly how I'd describe it. It was a rivalry, not just us not getting along."

By David Hamilton Jr.

Carrie Whitehurst

In-State Dominance!
Barry Humphries and Rendrick Taylor have kick-started the 2005 recruiting efforts in Tiger Town.

Following a 63-17 demolition of archrival South Carolina in the 2003 regular season finale at Williams-Brice Stadium, there was little question as to who was the true kingpin of the college football world in the Palmetto State.

By Roy Philpott

Barry Humphries

Time to Shine
Duane Coleman's production will be instrumental in 2004.

"You've got to be consistent," Coleman said. "I was just learning how the scheme works and you've just got to trust your offensive line and just be patient. Coming from high school to college is a big difference."

By Brett Jensen

Duane Coleman

Quick Predictions
A look ahead to the 2004 season.

Last year, we were the only magazine in the country to correctly predict the Tigers ending up in the Peach Bowl.

What's in store for Clemson in 2004?

By Roy Philpott

10 wins in '04?

Also, a national view of football and basketball recruiting from Jamie Newberg and Dave Telep will appear in each issue.

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