Reese Loving Clemson Already

Alabama standout Tribble Reese is finally able to walk the campus at Clemson University and workout with his future teammates. What does the future quarterback think about his first week on campus? caught up with the star quarterback and we've got the latest on his first week of his Clemson experience.

Future Clemson QB Tribble Reese will be our special guest in the Chat Room Tuesday night at 8:00. Make your plans now and start working on those questions for talented gunslinger.

How does it feel to finally be on campus?
Tribble Reese: It feels so good to finally be up here. I've been working out at home to get ready but it's nice to finally be here. It's awesome. It's great to be here.

What have you done during your first week at Clemson?
Tribble Reese: We had orientation on Thursday and Friday. I got up here on Tuesday. Ever since orientation I've been running and working out with the guys. All the guys have a good time with it. All the upper classmen have been real nice. They have all treated us well.

How have you enjoyed the campus?
Tribble Reese: It's a perfect size campus. It's not too big and it's not too small. I'm finally starting to know my way around. It's a great campus.

Have you had a chance to enjoy the lake?
Tribble Reese: No, but a couple of my buddies went out on the lake. A bunch of the guys say they go out there a lot, but I haven't been yet. I'm sure I'll get out there before the summer is over.

Have you had a chance to spend much time with Charlie?
Tribble Reese: No, Charlie has been working out at different times. I've talked to Will a couple of times.

Which other freshman have you spent time with over the past week?
Tribble Reese: Well my roommate is Tim Parr. He is a walk-on offensive lineman. I've spent time with him and Akeem and Taylor Tremel. I've also spent time with Cullen, Nelson Faerber, LaDontae and Brandon. I've really spent time will all of them.

What can you tell us about freshman receiver Andrew Diomande?
Tribble Reese: He's a solid 6-1 or 6-1 ½. He ran about a 4.5. I threw with him on Sunday. He has good hands.

Do you plan any trips home before practices start in August?
Tribble Reese: I might go back this weekend just to say bye. Other than that I'm pretty much up here until everything gets going.

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