First Offer In For Jackson

Chazeray Jackson is looking South for the school of his choice, saying he would like to stay closer to home. Currently, three schools stand out for the Forest City (N.C.) East Rutherford linebacker, and one has tendered a scholarship offer. Now it is time to take visits before making a decision.

Chazeray Jackson Profile

"I was supposed to go to South Carolina on Friday, but I have to reschedule that visit," says the 6-foot-2, 210 pounder. "I want to go to Georgia before practice starts (8/26)."

Schools like Jackson due to his versatility to play either offense or defense.

"Some want me to play linebacker, some running back. I'm 50/50 about what I want to play, but I think I can make a better impact on defense."

As for the three schools that stand out, Jackson says he is looking to stay closer to home, and Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia fit that bill.

"I want to stay close to home, so that is why I am looking at them. Of course, I may to to change my mind and change where I want to go.

"Clemson is talking about offering me after my first game. They just saw me at camp, but have not seen enough film of me in games. They said they want to see how I play in pads.

"South Carolina has already offered; they offered at the first of the month. My coach called me and said they offered and wanted me to commit early. It is possible that I could commit early, but right now I want to wait. South Carolina wouldn't be a bad bet because of their linebacker depth." Top Stories